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Saturday, September 10, 2016

My BEAUTYCOUNTER Story - Rosa Hubbard Kulik

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I have successfully been involved with direct sales companies in the past.  After my last run came to an end 14 years ago, I said I would not join another direct sales company.  I received a few skin care samples in the mail from my mentor, Karen Chason.  I loved the product and immediately placed an order.  I received my new products and knew BEAUTYCOUNTER is a top notch company and I wanted to share these safe products with everyone!

I design and create handcrafted jewelry to sell at Panama City Beach, FL and online in my etsy shop: I invite you to check it out. 

I am the office administrator of Southeast Alabama Dance Company located in Dothan, AL.  I design most all of the graphics and print along with many other hats that I wear.

I consider myself to be a conscientious person relating to my diet for most of my life. I can't say the same for what I have put on my body!  My level of awareness has been raised by BEAUTYCOUNTER! I will pay attention to my body as well.

I am a breast cancer survivor of 14 years.  I lost my mother at 59 years old, her brother of 52 years old and their mother of 52 years old all from cancer.  I am a carrier of the BRCA II gene.  It's very important to me to introduce BEAUTYCOUNTER'S safe products to family and friends.

To order these wonderful safe products please visit my website:

The products pictured above are available at select Target stores for a very limited period of time and expected to sell out. You can check our list to see if the Target in your area is one of the 1,500 stores that will have this spectacular collection.    

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