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Saturday, September 10, 2016

There is some exciting news for Beautycounter lovers beginning the week of Monday, September 12, 2016!  We are coming to Target!

(If you didn't know I was a consultant for Beautycounter, then my story is here.)
The products will be in Target for a very limited time (9 weeks) and they are expected to sell out. You can check our list to see if the Target in your area is one of the 1,500 stores that will have this spectacular collection. 
Why is this exciting? Well, if you have ever wanted to sample Beautycounter products, now is the time. In fact, I highly suggest you do so before these products are no longer available at Target. Of course, I am always ready, willing and able to help you if you have questions, send you smaller samples, and when you are ready to re-order the products you bought at Target that you love!
We are partnering with Target because we believe Target’s commitment to better living, quality products, smart development and efficient operations are in-line with Beautycounter’s values.
See info below photo for a special gift!
The Target Collection and FAQ document is a great read to further detail what the products are in this special collection. It is 12 unique product offerings and 5 sets specially created for Target and their guests, based on some of Beautycounter’s favorite products. Beautycounter for Target’s price points are between $12- $39 retail. Target will not carry our full range of products and product sizes, but they will have two exclusive products made for Target only —a Nourishing Face Oil and a Blush/Bronzer duo. I might have to go Target myself!
If you are not quite ready to buy from me this Target opportunity will allow you to “test” our smaller sizes.
If you are unfamiliar with Beautycounter here is a great page to read about what Beautycounter is about.
  • A gift-with-purchase promotion will be inside each Beautycounter product purchased at Target. This is an offer only available to Target customers and it can be redeemed at my personal Beautycounter website using the promo code at checkout. 
  • Also, if you buy any of the Beautycounter items from Target and send me a photo of what you bought (via email, commenting on this page, Facebook, Instagram) I will pay the shipping costs for your next $50+ order during the month of September. If you are a Band of Beauty Member you already get free shipping for $100+ order so I’ll pay $10 of your $100+ order or free shipping on orders up to $100. To get this deal your order must be placed by contacting me by September 30th!
See you at Target!

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