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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jewelry Photography

Photographing my jewelry to put on my Etsy site has proven to be a challenge for me! It's been an ongoing learning process. I am constantly taking the pictures over & over, as I learn an improved technique. My website jewelry pics are improving and looking better. I am not a photographer, but am getting better at it! It's a journey, not a destination!!!

I recently purchased 90 watt daylight bulbs the size of floodlights for my lighting. Next, to get the camera white balance setting correct for the new bulbs...I think I got it!!

The shiny crystal pieces are a challenge because of the reflection, even though I am not using a flash. The pic above of the black, pearls and crystals has been my biggest challenge. I have another poorer quality pic of it on an earlier post. This is the new improved version!!

I look at my lovely pieces of jewelry and think "It's gorgeous!!! I've just got to share the beauty of these pieces through better & improved photography."

I am having my first live jewelry showing on May 1st in Dothan, AL from 10 - 1 pm at Fieldcrest
Apartments Clubhouse. I'm going back to the internet to order more beautiful stones, beads and findings so I will have lots of beautiful choices of jewelry for my customers.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Photographing items is a challenge! Especially reflective ones, you're right. You do learn and grow as you go and can't expect to get it right right away. Keep working at it!