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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am getting excited about a jewelry booth I will have on May 1st! It is downtown Dothan, Alabama in front of the Civic Center on the lawn. I am working hard to make lots of wonderful pieces to show and SELL!!!
I am getting lots of display ideas from the internet, utilizing things I already have. I am using 2 black frames (owned by me) with black screen handware cloth to hand earrings onto. I am making larger boards (lightweight material) covered in beautiful fabric to hang the necklaces onto using pins. The fabric is a royal blue lame' with black organza over it - 2 layers which shows a pretty sheen through the black setting off the jewelry very nicely. Black velvet is sooooo expensive by the yard and I needed at least 5 yards so I hoping to get a nice look without the velvet.
I plan to have the jewelry mounted on the frames and on the boards before setting up my display the day of the show making set up quick and easy.
Suggestions are appreciated, if you have comments!!!


  1. I'm sure you could dig in my blog archives and find several posts I've written about doing shows. Is this your first one? It can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to remember to bring. =) One piece of advice - don't go overboard on your display. You want your jewelry to be noticed...not your display. It should draw people in but not overwhelm the actual focus - your jewelry. I have a hard time balancing this. :)

  2. Thanks for your interest and your encouraging words! I read something that said to have your display to send the same message that your jewelry sends. So, if my display looks haphazardly put together then people will perceive the same about the way I put my jewelry together. I thought that was good.
    Anyway, I have sold jewelry and apparel through "in home presentation style" in the past. But, I didn't make the product...I was a company rep!
    I started making jewelry last Oct. totally by a fluke. I'm enjoying it so much, I think it's gonna stick. I had an outdoor festival show in December. Bad...the weather was miserably cold and windy. Everything blew. Nothing, I mean nothing, would stay down. Everyone's tents were literally blowing away, it was that bad. And I still sold $100 which covered my costs.
    That's why I'm looking forward to this show. We should have gorgeous weather here in south Alabama. I don't have a nice 10x10 tent (borrowed one in Dec). But, we have a nice large round patio umbrella/stand(heavy duty) that I'm going to use. It will give a different look, to capitalize on. I want to keep it simple for myself by having pre-set up displays. My sweet husband is helping me make displays and transport.
    I found one of your blogs that covered craft shows. You had some good information there.
    Thanks! Rosa